January 18, 2016

A well written script is the foundation of a successful explainer video and a must-have for any company looking for a return on investment. But you’ve got only 60 seconds to present a compelling story, and creating a killer one is a bit tricky. Here are some tips on how to get it done right.

1. Problem and Solution

Right out of the gate, it should relay the audience’s problem and give the reasons why your company is the number one solution. One way to get your viewers to relate to the problem is to introduce a story-line where a character faces the same problem that your customers face. This strategy will facilitate empathy and keep them watching. The reasons given as to why your company is the number one solution should include points that set your company apart from the herd. Think of your introduction as the quick elevator pitch.

2. Balance Fun and Message

People love to be entertained, so go ahead and add something fun or even wacky to your explainer video. The key here is to strike a good balance between fun and your message. Humor is great, but it should support your message and fit seamlessly within the story. Also, too much entertainment can distract from the message. Add a polished voiceover and professional looking visuals that keep the message centered on the product’s or service’s theme.

3. Benefits not Features

Don’t get too focused on all the bells and whistles of your product or service, whether you have a new app or web service. Instead of droning out specific technical feature like 200 GB of storage, swap it out with plenty of space for safe storage. The point here is to tell people how your product or service is going to make their lives better. Nobody wants to listen to a litany of features; it’s just plain boring. Focus on the benefits for your viewers, and that will capture attention to lead them to your website and learn all about those awesome features. Plus, you’ve only got approximately 150 words to work with in a one-minute script, so keep it short and to the point.

4. Clear Call-to-Action

Eliminate the guesswork on what people should do next and craft a clear call-to-action. Do they need to click the link to your homepage? Do you need to download an app or sign up for your newsletter? By making your call-to-action clear, the more likely viewers will follow through with that action. Your call-to-action can also be measured in terms of conversion tracking. It’s wise to run an a/b test to determine just how effective your call-to-action is.

Explainer Video Call To Action

Your explainer video is a huge opportunity to draw people in, make them feel connected and sell your company to the golden world of the Internet. Reach masses and get your story out. Just be sure to make it simple, make it relate-able and make it yours. And if you’re unsure about your skill to do it right, let a professional web development company do it for you.


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