September 16, 2013

We know that video marketing is an important – arguably the most important online tool for making your company’s online presence pop. We know that videos are made from good stories and creative minds. But what we don’t know – yet – is how to create the right brand image for your company through animated video.

The number one necessity when establishing your brand with a video is to give it a voice. What does that mean? Decide how you want your company to be seen. Your explainer video will give the viewer the first idea of what your company is, which essentially means that the video holds the key to your entire branding message.

That being said, your video needs to convey your brand’s message. That entails portraying the crucial points about your brand.

  1. Define why you’re in business and if there is a motivating factor to your company. What do you do? Do you do it best? What do you hope to achieve as a brand?
  2. Decide what you want people to think when they hear your brand’s name. What do customers think? What do employees or suppliers think? You want one identity to stick out no matter who you are asking.
  3. Incorporate a list of key words. If someone was asked to describe your business in one word, what would they say? What do you HOPE they would say? If you were asked to describe the company in one word, what would you say?
  4. Incorporate the advantages of your brand. What do you do better than other companies? What benefit would someone see from choosing you over your competition?
  5. Give your brand a definition. Break it down into one way of seeing, describing, and understanding your brand. It needs to be consistent.
  6. Make an impression. Make your brand stick out. Do something big and unique in the video. Don’t let your viewer – and potential customer – forget about this video and your brand as soon as the time runs out. Make your name last in their head.


Reading this list, you might think, “Hey – That’s not so hard!” But, when it comes down to it, branding is easier said than done. Here at Media Whale, we want to help you achieve the brand success that you crave. In putting together videos, we work with you to understand and establish your brand message. We help you think through the image you want to create and COMMIT TO IT. Consistency is key in branding, especially through a video. It is important to project a consistent look, tone, and level of quality.

We then help you utilize the available marketing tools to reach your target and spread your message. We are not afraid to be creative and think BIG. We want you to succeed, so we are fully dedicated to producing the best video for you to do just that.


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