April 25, 2014

In today’s heavy world of advertising, it’s easy for startups, small businesses, and other companies to get lost in the shuffle. If you want your business to stand out from all the others, it helps to think outside of the box regarding ways to reach new customers. Media Whale’s 2D animation videos can perk up your advertising and make an impact on business.

Media Whale produces explainer videos in 2D that are less than two minutes each. This gives you just enough time to describe your startup or company’s selling points and pique the audience’s attention. The clips are punchy yet informative. These animated videos can benefit your business in a variety of ways, such as increasing sales, traffic, and conversions.

When you choose Media Whale, your video is developed through a multi-step process. For the first step, Media Whale will perform research on your company to come up with the best and most effective message that will appeal to your target audience. After that, Media Whale will take care of writing the script for your clip, which mixes the factual with the entertaining in order to keep people eagerly watching the whole video. The voiceover work is also done at this point.

From there, Media Whale’s talented artists will develop the characters that will sell your startup company in the video to the world. You can work alongside these artists to get the best characters possible and then watch them come to life in a 2D format. You get to formally approve every portion of the video as well, from the script to the voiceover tone to the characters.

Once approved, Media Whale gets right to work and creates the video for your business. You will receive a first draft, which you can then view to your heart’s content. You can contact Media Whale for up to two rounds of revisions, so take the time to focus on any changes or tweaks that you want made to the clip.

After you give the video the green light, Media Whale will finalize the clip and then send it to you. From there, you can finally share your video with the masses on your website, YouTube, and other social media and watch as your audience grows.

All of this is terribly exciting, as is the fact that you can easily get in touch with Media Whale to talk about your own 2D video. To get started, fill out an online form that includes such information as your name, your company, contact information like email address and phone number as well as the details of what kind of project that you have in mind for Media Whale to tackle. Once you submit this form, you’ll receive a free quote for the work ahead.

You can also use Media Whale’s website to look at other effective 2D videos that have been made for all sorts of businesses and organizations. These are useful for a variety of reasons. First, you can see the type of videos that Media Whale makes, including the animation and voiceover styles. You can also glean inspiration from these clips about what you would want to include in your very own video.

Get in touch with Media Whale today to give your business a 2D boost.


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