May 31, 2013

Explainer videos are probably the best way to make your target audience understand what your product or service is really all about. These online videos tend to convey a specific message in a tone that’s resourceful and interesting. But when it comes to the creation of an explainer video, a lot of individuals find themselves rather stuck on selecting the best style for this purpose, i.e. whether to choose an animation or live action.

Of course you can use either animation or live action for creating your explainer video as both have a tendency to act as great tools for accomplishing the marketing goals of your company. And though the style of your explainer video depends on the type of audience that you’re trying to reach along with the kind of product or service that you’re marketing, choosing the right style of an explainer video can actually determine your level of success or failure.

Animation Videos

Basically, animation videos can be used for almost anything. As there are no apparent boundaries to what you can and cannot do with animated videos, these can help you clearly demonstrate something that’s conceptual and abstract, e.g. a cloud service. Animation style videos work pretty well for web services and tech companies.
Animation can easily be used for branding your video with similar themes, colors, and styles. This helps the video flawlessly blend in with your marketing materials along with the website. Plus, animation videos also provide you with the benefit of making amends to an existing video if your service or product is in a state of constant evolvement (which becomes rather difficult to do in live action videos).

Live Action Videos

Live action videos are ideal for showing a service or product that’s tangible, e.g. items like food or clothes, etc. Since a lot of people like watching other people use a specific service or product instead of following an illustration, live action videos provide business owners with a great opportunity to connect with the audience. These work rather well for people who run a personal venture like a restaurant or a consulting firm as the live action allows viewers to establish an emotional link with the product or service provider. This way, your target audience is less reluctant to hear your story, ensuring an effective response.

Although, the biggest con to live action videos would be the limitation to do stuff. For example, if you wish to tell a story where a superhero flies through the skies and burns stuff with his laser vision, then live action videos will be less than useful (as you’ll need at least some kind of special effects to portray such a thing).

Both animation and live action have their own distinctive benefits. Depending on the idea on your mind, you can use either one of them to demonstrate your point of view to the target audience. Thus, the style that you choose should clearly define your product/service objectives and persuade the viewers to take action.


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