May 31, 2013

Creating a good video – one that fits your content requirements and your budget – is not that much of big deal once you’re assigned with the task of making your video project a success. There are numerous individuals who come up with great video explainer ideas and even create the most beautiful videos that one can ever come across. But sadly, not all video projects are able to accomplish the desired goals of their creators. And that’s simply because no one ever watches them.

When conjuring up a successful video strategy, you’ll have to focus on more than just coming up with some great content. You’ll have to utilize the correct set of tools to measure, drive, and track action; these are important for determining whether or not you will achieve the outlined goals during the content development process.

Views that Matter

Just because a video receives a million views or so, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has achieved what you can call “success”. A lot of people believe in the misconception regarding videos which indicates that a video is only successful if it has been seen by a large number of viewers. Although, what’s even more important is the fact that your video is getting views that are appropriate rather than those that are high in number, i.e. views that you had expected to receive when you started to develop the video. Thus, views can only be regarded as important once you’ve analyzed the audience’s attention span through various channels.

You can receive feedback for your content through your analytics as they will help you observe the surge or drop in views. If you’ve set your target towards increasing service or product awareness among your audience, then measuring the number views is a pretty good idea. However, if you’re interested in knowing what your audience thinks about your service or product then focusing on the quality of views is much more important. For instance you can focus on the following to determine the success of your video:

  • The duration for which your audience watches the video
  • What does your audience do once they’re done with viewing the content?
  • Keeping a track of the conversations

Analytics are Important

Analytics help you determine your video’s success, ensuring that you receive a positive ROI. It also provides you with crucial feedback that can allow you to make adjustments in accordance to the reaction of your viewers. This way, you’ll be able to attain a good understanding of exactly who’s watching your video and how they are responding to the content within it. Studying basic analytics will help you know where your video is being watched, i.e. the platform used for getting to the video. These can include the social media, web traffic, YouTube, email campaigns, and PRs.

Prompting your viewers to subscribe to the product/service newsletter, sharing videos, or filling out a questionnaire regarding your product or service is also a great way to obtain feedback and determine the level of success of your video.


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