June 3, 2013

If you’re aware of the tactics of marketing or have done any sort of marketing ever, you’ll surely be conscious of the fact that this task is never considered to be completed unless the measurement of the ad ROIs takes place. There are entire industries that have been structured to track market responses to direct marketing pieces, ads, and brochures. And what if there was a way to find out if your videos are actually receiving a favorable response? Wouldn’t that be great? Luckily, there is an answer to that and it’s referred to as video analytic tracking.

Video analytics or more commonly known as analytical tracking is a process whereby a video host assists you in making improvements to your explainer video and sharpening its focus. This includes making sure that the message you’re trying to convey through the video reaches its target market.

Who’s watching you?

In order to ascertain the success of your explainer video, you’ll need to find out exactly who’s watching your videos. Whenever you post something on the host site, analytics help you measure the exigency of that video through a particular set of statistics.  There are numerous video hosting sites that can help you target the right audience. Of these, YouTube and Wistia are the most prominent.

With YouTube, you can receive rather detailed analytics for your explainer video for absolutely free. Thus, trying out the service would not be a bad decision to begin with. Like many other video hosting services that provide information on who’s actually watching your videos (whether the videos are left in the middle or are viewed till the very end), YouTube allows you to embed and host your explainer video, compiling useful information that can be used for structuring business plans in the future.

From a history of activity to social interaction along with the exact number of views, YouTube provides you with heaps of information on your explainer video. With this video hosting service, you can even find out if somebody has disliked your post and view detailed analytical information that portrays the behavior of your audience by the second.

How to do it?

Not everyone can dig out the useful information that YouTube is willing to provide regarding their explainer videos. That’s because a majority of individuals simply don’t know how it’s done. Hence, to begin your analytical tracking, you’ll have to click on the graph icon that’s conveniently located on the Share bar. This will allow you to view the video statistics. Once you click on the “view more statistics” option, you’ll receive a thorough analysis portraying the demographics, engagement, discovery, and performance links of your explainer video.

You can further break these analytics down into exceptionally granular details by clicking on the links. For instance, if you click on demographics, you will be taken to a separate page that shows the areas from where your video is being watched along with the dates on which they were viewed. This is quite useful if you’re studying the local market as demographics gradually break down into states.

Once you’ve learned what it is that your audience wants to see, you can easily make changes to your existing explainer video or simply create a new one to achieve your desired goals.


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