February 8, 2015

While there are many animation video production companies, not all are created equal. At Media Whale, there are number of reasons that set us apart from the crowd and make us extra special. Our unique differences from other animation video production companies is what gives us the wow factor.

Boutique Videos to Large Contracts

Great video often comes with a high price tag. Generally, it’s more expensive than what it should be due to high overhead costs. Media Whale was established with a unique vision. By design, it’s a small, boutique video production house. With small overhead costs, we can deliver top-notch videos without the big company price tag. Our clients can get a world-class video at a price that won’t break the bank. We still have the ability to take on single 60 second videos to 90 video contracts.

Our Clients are our Partners

We’re passionate about our clients, and we look at our clients are our partners. We work closely with our clients and collaborate together every step of the way. We value the input and wisdom of our clients. As a matter of fact, we have found that our close relationships with our clients helps us make better videos. At Media Whale, you’re never left out of the loop.

Experience Hits the Mark

Media Whale has helped companies like Intuit Turbotax, Envato, Zendesk, and 8×8 develop their message into simple engaging videos that create a call to action. In addition, we’ve worked with large companies like World Bank, small tech startups and small businesses. Whatever the industry or size, we’ve done it. Let our experience work for you whether it’s an explainer video or educational series.

Proven Roadmap for Success

From research and development to script and voiceover to character design and video production, we’ve got the proven roadmap for success. Our team will do the research to better understand and target your audience. Our clients get a script and voiceover that are solid to convince the audience that they need a product or service. We also add a little humor and an upbeat voiceover to keep the viewer engaged. Our artists will create a character design that really develops and reflects your vision. Expect a variety of diverse visual effects. When it’s all said and done, we send our clients a final draft. Clients are allowed revisions if needed. After a few tweaks, the video is ready to go live.

Results Driven Storytelling

Whether you’re a startup or launching a new product, Media Whale is the go-to team to tell the story. You don’t just get a great video but one that is fine tuned for a long-term marketing strategy. Ramp up traffic, enhance sales and increase conversions with our exceptional storytelling techniques. Every company or product has a story behind it. Media whale makes sure that yours is heard. Simply put, we’re in the business of storytelling. We capture the story and tell in in a simple, effective and meaningful manner. At Media Whale, there’s never a cookie-cut approach to telling the story. Our customers get a great product every time that reflects their brand and vision.





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