May 4, 2014

Not that you need anymore reasons to have an explainer video… While good writing is hard to beat when you are trying to explain a concept in your business, but if you can use some affordable and effective audio/visual aids, why wouldn’t you? With 2D animation explainer videos, getting your message across to your target audience becomes simple and takes relatively little time.

Successful businesses around the globe have discovered the power of telling stories, selling their services or product and giving instructions through explainer videos, quickly breaking down new ideas and processes that can often seem complicated for prospective subscribers or buyers.

Since this concept itself is still new to businesses–even the most innovating marketing firms are still becoming aware of this exciting new marketing opportunity–it might prove helpful to point out some ways business and various processes will benefit from the incorporation of 2D animation and explainer video production.

  • Pitch a New Concept to Investors. Businesses often use PowerPoint presentations or other visual techniques to let their investors know what they have planned for their business that will bring a return on investment for those investors. While those efforts may prove successful, an explainer video can take things to the next level, helping These videos can easily liven up subjects that are dry, which might catch the audience by surprise, allowing for even more success.
  • Promote Fundraising Campaigns. Fundraising experts can rouse their team members and potential donors in a whole new way by using an explainer video to show how their efforts and dollars will make a difference. A 2D video and well-written script that tells the story of workers using money to improve conditions at a local homeless shelter or to fund an afterschool program brings fundraising efforts to a new level.
  • Describe Updates for Electronic Devices. With so many different electronic devices–smartphones and tablets, for starters–the constant barrage of updates can feel overwhelming for customers; particularly customers who do not like to blindly perform updates, yet they can use some help understanding the reason they need them. A 2D explainer video is a quick, fun way to supply this information.
  • Introduce Brand Ideas to Clients. Marketing professionals always need to find ways to help clients instantly grasp their ideas about why a certain brand idea works ideally for them. Marketers can add another tool to their chest with the explainer video. While clients are familiar with PowerPoint presentations and sleekly done–and expensive–live action videos, an explainer video might excite them about this concept in a whole new way, speeding up the process toward choosing and building their brand.
  • Public Information Campaigns. Whether a social or health concept that a government agency needs to explain to citizens, an explainer video might reach the audience quickly and efficiently. With the right script and sharp visuals, something like the new U.S. health insurance initiative is far easier to get across to its intended audience.

There are only a few outside the box concepts. Go through our portfolio to get a better understanding as to how businesses large and small are utilizing their explainer animation video.



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