Not Created Equal
May 10, 2016

Spending money on a explainer video shouldn’t be viewed as just another expense but as a worthwhile investment. As a matter of fact, spending more money on an explainer video from an experienced company can yield better results.

Get it Right the First Time Around

Making an explainer video can tally up to thousands of dollars. If you don’t invest the right amount of money with an experienced company, you’ll wind up having to invest more monies to get the job done right. Think of it as getting a bad haircut. What’s is going to cost you to get it redone? Getting it done right the first time around saves you money in the long run.

Quality Takes Time and Equals Money

Crafting a killer explainer video takes hundreds of hours even though the final product is just one to two minutes. The pre-production process takes a lot of time and requires getting to know your company, understanding the industry and target market, developing the right concept and creating an engaging script that tells a story as to why the viewer should hire your company or buy your product. Other components of the process include voice overs, design, animation, shooting and editing. Each of these components are vital to the final product and not intended to be accomplished on a shoestring budget. It takes time and money for quality.

The Face of a Brand

An explainer video is the face of your company. When done right, it properly reflects your brand, quality of product or service, company voice and message. Use it on your homepage to capture your audience, at conferences to set the stage or at trade shows to expand brand recognition.

Long Shelf Life Adds Value

Investing in a premium explainer video yield a long shelf life. While it communicates the core message and unique selling proposition, it’ll stand the test of time and remain relevant. There’s nothing worse than having to replace a non-relevant explainer video with a new one because it’s lost its purpose. With a premium explainer video, you get one that is timeless. As a result, it adds more value to the initial investment.

Differentiation from the Herd

Customize your explainer video and differentiate your brand from the hundreds of other explainer videos out there. Instead of cliches and stock-looking characters, you’ll get something unique and memorable when you spend a little more and do it differently. It’ll be done in a manner that blends well with your unique brand.

Little Details that Make it Great

You’ll also be privy to all the little details that make a great explainer video. Spend some extra money to get the right music track, design and artwork. It’s these little things that make an explainer video memorable.

Picking the right business video partner the first time around will ensure that your explainer video will have an impact on your audience that generates returns.  Partner up with Media Whale for a killer explainer video. Media Whale has years of experience and takes the time to understand its client’s target market. Then, it crafts a script that is laser targeted on selling and converting. Plus, Media Whale gets clients pro-active in the process and renders on advice on marketing strategies for their explainer videos. Clients learn effective strategies on when, where and how to use these excellent mediums. Media Whale also helps existing clients down the road as their business grows.


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