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Research & Development

In order for our team to better understand the product or service you offer, we request any and all information related to your business and service. We'll schedule calls and do our own independent research before moving forward.

Step 1.

Script & Voiceover

This may be the most important step through out the entire process. The script and voiceover is the backbone of the entire video, with a solid script you are going to convince people why they can’t live without your product or service. We're experts in taking your long boring sales pitches and cutting the fat to make them concise and easy to understand. Remember, it's all about the message and a call to action! We will audition your script to 10-30 voiceover professionals and work with you to select the right one for you and your brand. Next comes the fun part.

Step 2.
Step 3.

Character Illustration & Infographic Design

Character & infographic design is where the artist (pronounced art-eeeest) comes into play and really develops the vision you had when we first started the project. Our artists will create a number of different visual effects that will give the animation movement and feel. We start with a style frame to ensure we nail the overall look of your character (if you have one) along with the landscape and infographics. Once approved we move forward into a full storyboard.

Video Production

Once the Script, Voiceover, and Character designs are approved we get started immediately with putting the video together and sending you a first draft.  By this point we will have created an incredible video for you to review and comment on. We allow 2 rounds of revisions so it’s very important that we focus on getting everything in there the first round.

Step 4.
Step 5.play_btn

Video Production

Once the video has been produced and you’re jumping out of your seat with excitement, we will move forward with finalizing the last little tweaks and sending you the files for the project to officially go “Live.” But you better not just get up and leave us! We enjoy building relationships with our clients and are here for any and all your future needs.



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