June 10, 2013

In the process of creating a specific explainer video, a lot of people usually miss out on one very essential fact, i.e. a video holds the power to dictate the influential story of your business within a matter of 60 seconds. But before even attempting of thinking about the animation and cutesy illustration, you’ll have to direct all of your attention towards concocting the perfect script for it. An engaging and well-written script forms the base of a successful and effectual explainer video without which your campaign can simply end in vain.

Thus, in order to ensure the success of your video instead of creating a nap inducer, you’ll have to begin with proper preparation.  This means that you’ll have to consider who your audience is, the response that you’re expecting from them and the message you need to convey.

Following are a few tips that will help you write the ideal script for your explainer video:

Be Direct

The simplest way to address an audience is though the usage of personal pronouns, e.g. you or your. Also, try showing them that you actually care about them rather deeply by discussing about things that interest them instead of stuff that you want to promote. Inform them about how your product or idea is going to improve their lives or benefit them. All in all, be friendly.

 Be Precise

Usually, the length of an explainer video script depends on the audience that you want to target. For example, in an auditorium, the audience tolerates around 6 to 8 minutes prior to drifting off. Similarly, an internet surfer checking out your site will only wait 2 to 4 minutes before moving forward to another website, depending on the level of persuasiveness included in your material and whether or not they need your product.

Pace Yourself

Limit the dialogue between 125 to 150 words per minute. You may be able to speak more than 200 words a minute but that’s not how the explainer videos work. The voiceover in your video should have pauses in between allowing the words to sink into the viewers – this is especially useful when you’re discussing a technical topic. Filling the script with rapid fire dialogues will only cause the viewers to feel overwhelmed, leading to an eventual abandonment along with decreased comprehension.

30 Seconds at the Beginning

Condense the message of your full video to a single sentence and incorporate that sentence within the script’s first 30 seconds.  This way, the audience will know what to expect and where to pay attention in the video.

Also, when creating the script for an explainer video, focus on choosing the right tone and formulating a story that keeps the audience engaged till the very end. And most of all, avoid skimping on the contents of the script, taking all the time you need, as it will improve the quality even further. Obtain feedback from your coworkers and friends, ensuring that the script is easy to understand and interesting.


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