December 2, 2013

The internet and digital technology are constantly providing businesses with new tools and resources for getting their voice across to a greater audience than before. This includes several avenues like micro blogging (Twitter, Posterous and Tumblr), social media (Facebook, Pinterest), SEO, and animated video production (YouTube and Vimeo). We will restrict ourselves in this article to explainer animated video production.

Why Videos are So Effective

Business promotion and brand building via animated videos is getting more and more popular. Video advertising has been used for several years on TV, but now the model has come to the internet in far more dynamic ways. And you don’t have to be an expert in this field, as there are countless providers who can design and develop videos.

But merely creating videos is not enough. In order to make your brand truly unique, you need creative ideas for your explainer animation videos and a highly creative team to ultimately put it all together. (Hi, that’s us!)

Tell the Story of your Business

Why is your business different from the competition? We come across way too many videos that are generic and don’t separate themselves from competitors. What problem is your business solving and why are you the expert problem solvers? Whether it be your product or service, recognize the problem, and explain in 60 seconds why you and your team are the best.

Keep it Simple

Some of the most effective marketing videos out there are those that convey their message in less than 2 minutes. It is best to give simple yet relevant facts about your services where people can develop their trust in you. If you can’t fit in all the details in one video, then make several! A great idea is to have a short video about every aspect of the business, such as “Who we are”, “Our Products”, and “Demos” etc.

Add Humor

If you follow YouTube, you will know that the most popular animated video productions are usually the ones that make people laugh. Humor, as explained above, has a powerful effect on people, so do use it in your videos.

Production Quality

An explainer animation video production may work without audio, but you should add quality sound effects (we enjoy music and not so many distracting elements like sound effects) increase the emotional appeal of your video. This is especially true if you are selling products that speak to the audience on an intimate level, such as life insurance.  Additionally, we work with clients to hire some of the most professional voice-over artists for in the business.

Creating a Story Board

Create a video script that seeks to entertain your viewers and clients and give them a unique experience. We work with you to plan the script, story board, and layout of the animated video review the whole thing multiple times for any revisions before developing it.



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