January 26, 2015

Whether you’re designing an explainer video for B2B or B2C, keep it entertaining and respectful. After all, audiences love a good laugh and want to be treated like they are intelligent beings. These elements will keep the audience thinking and paying attention to your business. Check out the LAWfone on Demand video we did targeting consumers and businesses (law firms).

Since B2B is focused on pitching services or products to other businesses and B2C is targeted to consumers, each should have a different message and design. It all comes down to different strokes for different folks. The first strategy for selling to other businesses should be to sell logic. Show what the product or service can do and how it saves time, money or resources. Skip the gimmicks, get to the point and make it a sharp one. The key message and value proposition should be in the first 30 seconds.

The design for B2B video should be just as straightforward as the message. It’s a wise choice to use universal graphics like the visuals often seen on public restrooms and highway signs. Everyone knows the meaning of a universal graphic, and there’s no guessing or misinterpreting. Why make it difficult for the audience to decode meaning? Utilizing kinetic typography really helps drive the message home. Hearing and seeing the message is a double whammy.

It’s a whole different ballgame with crafting a message and designing a video for B2C. When selling to consumers, businesses must appeal to the emotions and desires. Keep it rolling with positive emotions, such as control, security and happiness. Keep in mind that it’s like walking a tight rope. You don’t want to tell your audience how to feel by forcing emotions upon them but gently lead them to it. Use simple language to avoid alienating viewers with technical terms they won’t understand.

The design for a B2C video should be aesthetic. Be sure to use characters and variety while planning ahead. Characters help make a personal connection with the audience. Use a variety of characters who reflect the real world such as both genders and all ages. Whatever you do, don’t use stereotypes for diversity. Using flesh and blood people in the explainer video instead of animation can create an emotional connection for viewers. By nature, humans are drawn to other human faces. Plus, you’ll need to be prepared for more development time. This way, the design will reflect characters that your audience understands.

Great Explainer VideoWhether you’re making an explainer video for B2B or B2C, good is not enough. It’s got to be great for an effective impact. There are also no laws or magic bullets. Trying to use one magic rule in this type of creative work is why rookies fail. A killer explainer video can increase conversions, improve SEO search rankings, keep visitors on the page longer, get the word out and be repurposed for an email signature or investor pitch.

If it’s your first rodeo, it may be wise to bring out the pros here at Media Whale for the creation of your explainer video. Contact us today for a free quote!



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