June 20, 2013

Animated explainer videos are probably the best way to get your word across to the audience in these times as people generally tend to respond to these videos slightly better than the ones containing nothing but a bland script. But in order to get people to notice what you have to say, you’ll have use the right technique of animation. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting a lot of time and money on something that’s of no use to anyone.

There are various ways in which you can use an animated explainer video to your benefit. However, in order to accomplish the desired results, you must first have a good understanding of how the animated video creation process works.

Decide on the Style of Animation

There are several styles of animation that you could choose from for creating the perfect animated explainer video for your business. The following styles of animation are ones that are most preferred by entrepreneurs:

  • White Board Animation – this features a story board along with a creative story where pictures are drawn over a white board (if not a whiteboard than something similar) by an artist whose work is recorded as they work, though there are a number of software that have automated the process now
  • Cut-Out Animation – this technique (probably one of the oldest techniques of animation) is used for producing animation through flat props, backgrounds, and characters cut out from materials like card, stiff fabric, paper, and even photographs
  • Cartoon Animation – this is one of the most common types of animation used for creating an animated explainer video as it features a story or scene produced through drawings – these can be individually drawn or generated on computers
  • Motion Graphics – this style makes use of animation technology and video footage (or both) for producing rotation or motion and is generally combined with audio.

Creating the Video Script

Avoid outsourcing the script at all costs. It’s your business and the words in the video should reflect your ideas instead of a third person.  If you think that you’re not that good with words than just conjure up an outline comprising of three to five lines – these will be the points that you wish transfer to the viewers.  Create a script that speaks to your target audience on a one on one level. This way, you’ll be able to relate with your audience better. Also, your video should be entertaining and resourceful and not just filled with vibrant images.

Voiceover, Character Design, and Music

When creating an animated explainer video, try focusing on the three main factors that determine the quality of its outcome, i.e. the voiceover, character design, and music. Choosing the right voiceover and music can really make your video worth watching as sound plays an important part in influencing the minds of the people. For example, upbeat background music can cheer up your audience whereas the dramatic version can direct their attention towards the desired topic. Also, the design of your character will portray how dedicated you are towards informing the audience, so try working on that too.

Animated explainer videos are perfect for transferring your views over to the audience in a manner which is easy to comprehend. Thus, don’t be shy when making revisions on your prepared videos as excellence takes time.


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