September 27, 2016

If your business is looking for a fresh and exciting way to reach consumers and potential customers, you may want to tap into video marketing. While you may have dismissed video marketing as just a bunch of hype, here are some facts that will make you want to pay more attention: when the subject line of an email contains the word “video,” open rates increase by 19 percent and click-through rates by 65 percent. Another stat to take note of, is that using video actually decreases the number of subscribers by 26 percent. If these statistics alone don’t persuade you to try out video for your next marketing campaign, maybe these three compelling reasons will.

1. Video Marketing Gets Immediate SEO Results

If you have a presence on the internet, you are well aware of the importance of Strategic Engine Optimization (SEO). You know that when internet users type in certain keywords, it’s vital for your brand to come up on the first page of Google. This phenomenon is known as SERP and it’s been proven that webpages containing video are more likely to end up on that all-important first page. In order for your marketing video to reap all of the SEO rewards possible, the video should be less than four minutes, contain a thumbnail, and provide a transcript.

2. Video Marketing Allows You to Convey Information Better Than Other Formats

Storytelling is a great way to market your product, and what better way to do it than attention-getting video. When you incorporate vibrant color, mood-fitting music, relatable characters, and cool graphics into your video as a way to tell your story, it allows you to appeal to your viewer’s senses. This is something that simply can’t be done through a series of print advertisements or the written word. When you evoke the emotions of your consumers, you end up making a connection with them and are more apt to leave a lasting impression.

Besides being a great way to tell a story and incorporate elements that will help you make a connection with consumers, video is better at conveying information better than other formats because of the sheer volume of information that can be shared through video.

3. Video Marketing and the Sharability Factor

When you consider the fact that there are 4 billion views everyday on YouTube alone, you realize just how much people love video. And when someone loves a video they have just watched, they want to share it with all of their friends, and everyone else they are connected to through social media. Another huge advantage when it comes to video marketing, is that videos are super easy to share. When you use video to market your brand or a certain product, you are taking advantage of this sharability factor.

When people share your video, it can exponentially increase the amount of exposure it gets. And if your video connects really well with viewers, there is always the chance of it going viral. Another advantage of video marketing is that you can easily track the analytics, and how well the video is doing, simply by taking note of how many shares or likes the video has on social media platforms.

If these three compelling reasons have convinced you to start a video marketing campaign for your brand, but you have no idea where to start, our professional whales are here for you.


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