July 10, 2013

Nobody said that writing an explainer script is an easy job. It takes time and precision to come up with a killer script for your animated explainer video along with patience and of course, creativity. Now, you may come up with a great script in your mind when you’re taking a walk or watching TV or simply showering. However, the ideas that pop into your head at any instant may not seem that fabulous once you’ve jotted them down on a paper. That’s because more often than not, people are unable to draw a basic outline of what they really want to include in their explainer script.

So what is it that makes an explainer script so great that it actually forces people to move forward (i.e. make a purchase or subscribe to a newsletter, etc.) or take the next step? The answer is given below:

Focusing on the Important Things

Now, just because you’ve created an explainer video, it doesn’t mean that people will be reluctant to watch it and hear you out for half an hour. You may think that people want to hear excruciatingly detailed stories about your product/service but sadly, it isn’t so. On average, an individual would just prefer watching a short and concise video that explains a service or product and get it over with. This should only take a minute or 90 seconds at most.

Try to include things that matter to the audience like what your product/service can do for them or how your product/service can make their lives better, etc. Also, avoid incorporating your explainer script with useless information that almost everyone is already aware of. Thus, by keeping the contents brief and lively, you’ll be able to attract your target audience without making them feel like their time is being wasted.

Knowing Who the Audience is

In order to attract an audience towards your video, you need to know who they are. For instance, if your explainer video features information regarding a specific Alzheimer’s medication, then there’s a good chance that the majority of your audience will comprise of doctors and pharmacists. Thus, informing them about the technicality or benefits of the medication would be the better option instead of going on and on about how the disease was discovered in the first place.

Also, keeping the content humorous won’t really hurt anyone. This way, you can retain the interest of your viewers and get your message through to them all at the same time. In totality, it’s all about understanding what your audience wants to hear and see. Hence, by giving your audience what they want, you can easily achieve the desired response.

Call to Action

You never know if you’ve created a great explainer script until your audience responds to it the way you had hoped. Thus, make sure that you’ve included a friction-free and compelling next step in the video, leading to an increase in your conversion rates.

Also, whenever you’re writing a script for your explainer video, try focusing on feeling relaxed and content as it allows you to think freely. Remember to take up as much time as you want to think over the content.


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