December 7, 2013

So you think that explainer animation video marketing starts and ends with the production? Well, think again! The whole purpose of these videos is to promote your brand and increase sales, so production is only the first step in the process. Here we discuss some effective tips for promoting your explainer animation videos.

Hosting Platform

Where you host your video significantly influences the viewership. For instance, a lot of people go for self-hosting, but shared-hosting services are not capable of handling boosts in viewership, and your account maybe suspended!

Another effective option is uploading your explainer videos on popular websites like YouTube. YouTube is the 3rd most visited website on the internet, but several others like Vimeo are just as effective. But the issue here is that while these websites may help your video to go viral (which, once again, only a part of video marketing), they will serve no purpose to your website’s popularity. We understand that some people encourage self hosted videos but with Vimeo’s ability to private label, we encourage our clients to utilize this.

‘Optimizing’ your Video

Of course, you cannot optimize your explainer animation video for search engines, but you can always upload your video to vimeo/youtube etc and optimize all related text. This includes the title, description, tags, and labels. Many websites also have transcripts along with videos, where you can always incorporate keywords in the text.

Social Media

A great way to make your video popular is to share it on social media websites like Facebook, following them with a call to action, such as “Like this video”, or “share it with your friends”. In this way, your explainer video viewership increases without any wastage of time, effort, and money on your part.

Placement on the Website

Where you post explainer videos on your website have a lot to do with viewer’s response. If you want people to view the video right away, then place it on your main page, and ensure that visitors do not have to scroll down to find it. Also determine whether you want the video to play on the page or open up in a lightbox. The benefit here is that in lightbox the player is usually larger and the rest of the text on screen is blurred or grayed out. But this may not work just as well for mobile users.

Finally, make sure that the Play button is big enough to compel visitors on clicking it. And never set your landing page video to autoplay, as it is deemed an extreme “in your face” kind of approach.

Follow these simple tips to boost the success of your explainer animation videos.


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