August 5, 2014

Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has become a media phenomenon that has completely changed the way we communicate with each other. While it’s true that some of the videos on YouTube are nothing more than cats dancing or people almost blowing themselves up with homemade fireworks, the fact of the matter is that YouTube is still a great marketing tool for those who are willing to use it for such a purpose.

In many cases, individuals and organizations marketing on YouTube do so in order to reach individual consumers. A video that rapidly grows in popularity and reaching thousands if not millions of individuals in a short period of time is known as a “viral” video; the primary objective of those marketing on YouTube is often to get just one successfully viral video, as it can be for itself many times over.

However, one of the less well-known but still incredibly useful strategies for marketing on YouTube is for a business to market directly to other businesses, as well as to key individuals in a particular industry. The strategy for appealing to businesses and thought leaders is different than the one required for appealing to the average consumer; business to business marketing on YouTube usually involves proving oneself as a thought leader on a particular subject, or at least introducing concepts or products in a creative and unique way. While there is more than one way to prove yourself as a thought leader, the following are a few of the most successful tried-and-true ways to do so.

Create a useful and industry-specific “how-to” video

One of the best indications that an individual understands a particular concept is if they are able to teach it to others. Creating a “how-to” video on YouTube can be a great way to position you or your company as a thought leader, while generating traffic for your primary website. One example of this type of content can be found on Gideon Shalwick’s YouTube channel, and one example of his how-to videos is titled “How To Make Your Videos Look More Professional – Like Apple Does!”


Describe an industry-specific concept in an easy-to-understand way

Another element that can be included in a business to business marketing strategy is an educational video on a particular topic. While other industry experts might not necessarily need to learn about a concept directly from you, creating YouTube videos such as these can help generate traffic for your YouTube channel, and, ultimately, your primary website. Instructional videos can and should be part of an overall strategy of building a robust online presence.


Post or link to other useful YouTube videos

You don’t have to create all of your YouTube channel content on your own. You will get credit as a thought-leader if you can identify and “repost” useful, informative, and engaging content on your YouTube channel.


Ultimately, marketing to other businesses requires you to create content that will position you as a leader in the industry. A strong and informative YouTube channel is a great pillar in an overall internet business to business marketing strategy.


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