October 27, 2014

Hooking a visitor’s attention with an exciting website home page is essential to drawing your visitors in and maintaining their interest. What happens when you visit a website that does not instantly interest you? You click the back button on your browser and return to the search engine to perform a new search. The average attention span of Internet users is extremely low. In fact, it is six seconds. The average attention span of a goldfish is seven seconds. This should say everything you need to know. If a person is not interested upon viewing the page, they are not going to stay. That is exactly why you need to feature at least one main video on your landing page. Videos can say more than any paragraph of text or image can, and since the video is stimulating both the visitor’s sense of sight and sound, you draw them that much further into the website. While a video does not guarantee 100 percent success at holding your visitors, it does significantly improve the percentage.

Video Placement

Just having a video on your landing page is not going to cut it. If you place it on the bottom of the page, many of the visitors are not going to see it. You need it right there, for the world to see, as soon as they hit the page. This doesn’t mean you need to place it front and center, because naturally you do have a title and general content you need to include, but they should at least know it is present around the top. This way, after they look at the title of the website and scroll down slightly, they see your video. A person is more likely to spend two minutes watching a video than reading a paragraph of text for one minute. Keep that in mind when deciding where to place your text and video content.

Video Landing Page

Appsee has a great landing page with video front and center.

Length Does Matter

Now, you have a video on your landing page and you know where to place it. You still need to know how long it should be. When you start up a YouTube video and you see it is a good 10 minutes long, what do you do? Chances are, unless it is a tutorial or something you really want to know, you are going to select a different video. Even if it is a tutorial, you might look over to see if there are any other videos shorter in length. You need to keep your video down to around one to three minutes max in length. This is short enough to give a visitor very specific information, without frightening them away with the length of the video.


While a video is essential for a successful landing page, it doesn’t mean you should just toss together anything in order to have a video up. A bad video is not going to do you all that much either. It needs to be succinct, short, to the point, and well done. If you need to hire a professional to produce the video it is well worth the cost to have a well done, professional video.


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