August 1, 2014

Marketing studies show that audiences gravitate toward moving images and sound, which is why a well-crafted online video can be such a valuable marketing tool. But how does one make a good online video? What steps must be taken for the video to be a success?

Tell a worthwhile story.

If you’re going to go to the trouble and expense of making a marketing video, it needs to tell a worthwhile story that your viewers will find to be relevant and compelling. Moreover, a video that fails to do this cheats the viewer of his or her time. Not only will a boring or unnecessary marketing video disappoint your clients–you may also succeed in alienating them.

Have a goal.

Before you begin making your online video, clearly define the goal of the video and create an outline that touches upon all the relevant information. This will help you to structure the video, will ensure that the video makes all the relevant points and will give your project direction that will prevent wasted time and effort.

Grab your audience.

No matter how good your video is, or how interesting the content is, it won’t have a good viewership unless you can grab the attention of your audience from the get-go. To make a video that captures the attention of your audience, it needs to start with a bang. From the very beginning, the graphics must be top-quality, the narrative must be compelling and varied, the sound quality and resolution must be the best. To pull this off, you’ll need to work with top-quality writers, graphic designers, production artists and marketing professionals.

Brevity will be rewarded.

Online videos are super useful in a variety of ways, but they have some downsides. One of the biggest challenges to this format is that you can’t skim through marketing videos as efficiently as you can skim through text. There are no bullet points and no subheadings.

Marketing videos require a time commitment from the viewer, and unfortunately, the average Internet viewer has a very limited attention span, and an extremely small amount of time that they are willing to dedicate to viewing a marketing video. People are busy, curious and hungry for nuggets of information. Be concise and precise in your wording. Keep your video informative, interesting and short. Think: thirty seconds or a minute in length.

Remember: it’s a branding opportunity.

Your online video must conform precisely to your company’s online image. You may start by displaying your company logo on your online video, but don’t stop there. The colors, sounds and overall quality of your video must match your company’s brand. The script as well should touch on key words and phrases that define your company’s values and reinforce your company’s image. Thus, you want to make sure that the image it projects is positive, professional and polished.

Don’t skimp on production.

As you begin work on your video project, remember that the end results will be a lasting presence on your website and must be regarded as an investment. A well-made online video may be viewed hundreds or thousands of times by clients and potential clients.

For the best results, hire an expert (unless you are yourself an expert). Having an expert create your video will result in a polished, high-quality product that will catch the attention of viewers and may result in the growth and success of your company.


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