July 17, 2013

The popularity of explainer videos has grown quite exceptionally over the recent few years. And one of the reasons behind this is the fact that these videos tend to provide a rather effective and affordable way of developing a business. Along with increasing your conversion rates, explainer videos act as exceptional marketing tools by improving your average sales and clarifying the product.

Another reason why explainer videos are experiencing such explosive growth online is because of the algorithm used by Google. This algorithm determines search rankings through calculating the total amount time that is spent by a visitor over your website.

There are a plethora of reasons why your business may require an explainer video in order to boom. A few of these reasons are given below:

A Better Chance by 50 Times

When searched for on Google, your explainer video has a 50 times better chance of appearing among the top results – the first page – than the services or products that have been marketed through text only on various web pages.

Easy Online Shopping

Around 90% of the individuals who shop online on a prominent retail website say that watching explainer videos makes their shopping experience less stressful as they’re able to decide on what to buy and what to ditch within a matter of minutes.

Video Rules over Words

An explainer video with a length of 60 seconds equals 1.8 million words on an average (that’s around 3,600 homepages).

Inclination towards a Purchase

People who watch an explainer video featuring specific products at online retail stores are 64% more likely to purchasing the product once the video has finished playing.

100 Million Viewers

On average, the number of individuals watching a single online video each and every day is a hundred million.

Longer User Retention Rate

On an average, people who watch online videos tend to stay at least two minutes longer on the website in comparison to those who don’t watch the videos at all.

Monthly Viewers

Approximately 45.4% of internet users watch at least a single video on a monthly basis.

Business Executives

75% of the total business executives who use the internet watch at least one video (work-related) featured on business web pages on a weekly basis. Plus, 59% of the senior business executives strongly prefer watching videos in comparison to reading text off websites.

The Average Internet User

On average, a person who uses the internet on a regular basis spends sixteen minutes and forty five seconds in watching ads over online videos each and every month.

Real Estate Listings

Listings of real estate that are accompanied by videos get a whopping 403% more queries in comparison to those that are not.

Information Retention

Around 80% of individuals who used the internet on a daily basis had no problem recalling a particular video ad that was posted on a website even after a period of thirty days.

Apart from gaining popularity and boosting the sales of your brand, explainer videos can provide a plethora of benefits to anyone who uses them – these help business owners more because of their ability to explain a service or product successfully and precisely. Thus, explainer videos are increasingly becoming the most efficient method of advertising and information sharing.


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