July 27, 2013

Posting online videos is not that much of a big deal these days. Anyone can just post their videos on the internet and get people to watch what they want to say. But the question is how many of those videos actually get the desired amount of traffic? Better yet, how many of these explainer videos get people to take action in one form or another? The answer can be many. All it really takes is an online video that’s been carefully created to interest viewers.

For small business owners, online videos can be considered as a form of bliss. That’s because these videos provide an excellent way of helping people understand what your business is all about. In order to get your business message across the audience, you’ll need to create an online explainer video that features your product/service in such a way that it’s both engaging and informative.

Following are some of the reasons why online explainer videos are the best option for small business owners who wish to educate people about their services or products.

More Views Equal More Potential Customers

When you post an interesting explainer video online, people are going to watch it over and over again. Once those people are done with watching your video (some may even get convinced of your product/service’s efficiency and take action), they may start suggesting it to others. This way, your video will be viewed by a larger audience, and gain popularity; this popularity will ultimately increase your chances of getting customers.

Videos are more powerful than Documents

If you tell a person to read a pamphlet that illustrates how your particular service or product works, there are a few chances that he or she will go through the entire content and read up on what you have to say. That’s because people tend to be more responsive towards something that’s moving and has sound included in it as it helps them keep their brain engaged. Also, this saves them a lot of time as an explainer video is precise and to the point – people can quickly hear what they want to hear without wasting any time. Thus, you have more chances of grabbing people’s attention with online explainer videos than you’ll ever have with any other way of sharing information online.

One of the reasons why YouTube is so popular among information searchers is that it comprises of explainer videos. People from all over the world search for instructional and informative videos almost every single day and with 48 hours of videos uploaded every minute this website allows small business owners to get their message across in a relatively easy and exciting manner. This is done by explaining certain services and products through videos that are rather difficult to explain through words.

Responding to Your Audience

Online videos make it fairly simpler for small business owners to get in touch with their target audience and respond to their queries. This way, the viewers feel closer and more connected to their seller, establishing a bond of trust, i.e. your customers are assured that you would never sell them anything useless and that you really do care for them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting up a small business or have been doing this for quite a long time, online videos can certainly help you boost your sales and help you gain some popularity.


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